Becoming a Mother Changes You

Becoming a mother changes you. And by "mother" I mean as soon as that second line shows up on the pregnancy test and you know there's a little life inside you. Becoming a mother changes you in the way that, as far as I can tell, nothing else does. Becoming a mother changes you immediately … Continue reading Becoming a Mother Changes You


Finding Peace in the Hard Days of Motherhood

It's 11 PM and my day is finally coming to a close. The day was full of busy-ness. It was filled with messes, cries, tantrums, disciplining, boo-boos, and more messes. But it was also full of smiles, giggles, hugs, kisses, cuddles, and more smiles. I feel like I did it all today. My feet tell … Continue reading Finding Peace in the Hard Days of Motherhood

Children are the Most Important Work

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” – Dr. John Trainer I was reading the latest issue of the No Greater Joy magazine the other day and came across this quote in one of their articles, and it really stuck out to me. It's something I need … Continue reading Children are the Most Important Work

Somebody’s Watching

"Always try your BEST. You never know if there's a little girl watching and thinking, I wanna be JUST LIKE HER." This is so true. I know I have always looked up to certain older girls as good role models. Now perhaps I am one to some young girl out there somewhere. And someday, Lord willing, I will have my own precious daughter who will … Continue reading Somebody’s Watching