You are More

These days I’m noticing more and more just how much women are objectified. Women are viewed as pretty objects, pleasurable things to look at and toy with, something fun to use for a while until they’re temporarily satisfied or a prettier one comes along.

Before I go any further, let me get this straight: I am NOT a feminist. In fact, I feel that I’m about as far from modern “feminism” as one can possibly be without being labeled a “sexist” (like many men are wrongly accused of being these days, when actually all they’re asking for is a little respect. Funny how their cry for “equality” is always labeled as “sexist.” Shouldn’t we be calling it “masculism” and quit shoving “feminism” down their throats, because last I checked, every human has rights. But that’s a whole ‘nother topic for a whole ‘nother day). So, no — I’m not a feminist who hates men, and this post is not about how women are mistreated and we need to stand for equality, blah, blah, blahhhh. Nope, none of that nonsense here on my blog, people.

Anyway. Now that we’ve got that straightened out (and if you’ve read any of my other posts it was clearly obvious already), let me just get back to what I’m supposed to be talking about. Sorry for rambling.

As I was saying, women nowadays are severely objectified. And while I will point out that males were intentionally created to be very visual people and their brains are just wired differently than females’ — that’s how they always have been and how they always will be — it doesn’t at all mean they have a good excuse for looking at a woman and lusting at her body, or only “caring” (if I may flippantly use that word here) about her physical appearance. But y’all, there is a huge difference between attraction & admiration and lust & selfish sexual desire. A man is naturally going to be attracted to and admiring of a woman’s body — again, that was exactly God’s intention — but there is a line that must be drawn there, so that attraction doesn’t turn to lust, which can then become merely a selfish desire to be sexually satisfied. Outside of marriage, sex is not a holy thing created by God; it is a sin. And thinking of someone, who is not your spouse, in a sexual way, is lust. Because of their visual characteristic, men have to work pretty hard to control their thoughts and guard their hearts in this area in order to be pleasing and faithful to God.

But I’m not here to harp on the men. I’ve explained enough and said plenty about them up to this point, but I am obviously not a male and therefore not qualified to instruct the male population how they ought to conduct themselves (#notmyjob).

Yet, I’m also not writing here today to harp on my fellow female population, either. I just want to make a point in as few words as possible and be on my way (because I am doing such a great job being so short winded thus far — ha ha).

When I said earlier that I’ve noticed women being viewed as pretty objects and things to be used, I didn’t specifically say that we’re seen that way only by a lot of men. No, women are seeing themselves that way, too.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Society is telling women that “you’re beautiful just the way you are” while at the same time using half naked women in advertisements in order to sell everything from underwear to books to cheeseburgers. Hypocritical much?! It’s no wonder we’re so confused!

From the beginning, when God made the first man and the first woman, He made them special. He made people in His image (Genesis 1:26) and then when He was finished creating on Day 6, He “saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). First and foremost, you were created by God in His image, and He says you are good.

And as if that wasn’t enough, He says that women specifically are very special. A virtuous woman — a woman who is good and kind — is so very valuable in this world. Proverbs 31:10 says that a good woman is worth “far above jewels.” Later on in the same chapter (verse 30), it says that charm and beauty will fade away, but what is on the inside is what’s really important: “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who reverences the Lord, she shall be praised.”

We can dress up — or like so many around us, dress down — or fix our hair or wear nice jewelry, but that’s not what makes us beautiful. What matters most and what truly defines genuine beauty is our heart. Our heart is so very precious to God, and if we have a good heart, the right people will see it and it will shine so bright it makes us beautiful on the outside as well. I’ve met people I thought were gorgeous on the outside until I got to know them a little, and came to find that their heart was bad, and unfortunately that then made them ugly on the outside. Peter tells us what God thinks about the inward-to-outward beauty in I Peter 3:3-4: “Your adornment must not be merely external — braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.”

We can wear pretty clothes and fine accessories, but true beauty lies beneath all that. And if someone can’t see past what you have on in order to know you are beautiful, or if the only way they think you’re pretty is if you’re not wearing anything, then you’re not looking to the right person to attract. A good man values women as precious humans to be loved and cherished, not looked to as a pretty thing with only one purpose — to please them.

Paul said in Ephesians 5:25, 28-29, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her… So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself; for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church.” Ladies, if we are to be treated by our husbands as Christ treats His church, then we can know that our value is more than skin deep, and we don’t have to dress provocatively in order to be beautiful.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather dress modestly and discreetly and be respected by real men, called beautiful by my own husband, and know that I am cherished and valued by my Lord than to dress in as little as possible or show a bit of cleavage or too much of my legs in order to turn heads everywhere I go just so guys will think I’m pretty on the outside.

You are pretty on the outside, because God made only one specially perfect version of you, but don’t let that alone define you, because outward beauty is shallow and temporary. My great-grandma used to say, “Pretty is as pretty does,” and I remind myself of that often. If your heart is pretty, you’re a pretty person. Worry about being pretty on the inside, and that will shine out of you so that others will see your true beauty, inside and out. Wearing skimpy clothes doesn’t make you beautiful; it just takes away from the real you. You are more than how you look on the outside. You’re fearfully and wonderfully made by God, and that’s enough, so don’t ever tell yourself otherwise.

“I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth; Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them. How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand…” (Psalm 139:13-18)

Have a great day!
~Courtney Faith

Cosmopolitan Magazine, Celebrated Abortion, and Compassion


One day last year we had someone else’s magazine dropped into our mailbox. Our address was on the back, but under someone else’s name. It was a Cosmopolitan magazine. I never read their stuff, because, like most other magazines, they are just full of garbage (and I am much more likely to read Better Homes and Gardens than anything), but before throwing it in the trash can, I quickly skimmed through it to see just what is printed in a popular magazine read by millions these days.

What I saw was nothing more than what I expected, sadly: weight-loss tips (because you’re not skinny enough), celebrity gossip (because that’s what’s really important), half-dressed women (because fully-dressed women aren’t pleasant to look at), beauty tips (because you’re not pretty enough), and how-to-have-better-sex articles (because, obviously, that’s what life is all about).

You’re catching my sarcasm, I hope?

So, before tossing this abhorrent thing into the trash, one of the article titles in the index caught my eye and I stared at it in horror: How to Get a Safe Abortion. I flipped to the page it was on, hoping that surely it wasn’t about to say what I was afraid it would say. But it did. It said exactly that and much more. This entire magazine was filled with articles about how awful anti-abortionists are, and how great abortion is, how safe, how selfless, how empowering.

In the article titled How to Get a Safe Abortion, they use the word “safe” so many times. Isn’t it strange how their definition of “safe” means only one person is actually physically saved in the process, while at the same time an innocent, separate life is being ripped from the woman’s body and murdered, all in the name of “protecting women” and “women’s rights.”

A “safe abortion” would be not to have one. A “safe abortion” would be using your right to choose by choosing life for both mother and baby. A “safe abortion” is not even possible. There is no such thing as a “safe abortion.”

Defending once again the so-called “safety” of an abortion, they wrote, “Legal abortion remains exceptionally safe, with a major complication rate in the U.S. estimated around 0.2 percent.” But they have forgotten about the other “major complication rate” which is 100% to the life they are so heartlessly diminishing. They don’t care about that other life, as so many claim to by saying they’re doing it “for the good” of the baby.

“It’s not like ending a pregnancy is fun. But by three years later, 99 percent of women seeking abortions say they made the right choice, according to researchers who interviewed 667 women.” While it may be true that some women get through having an abortion with no physical complications and no regrets afterward, most women DO regret it, whether immediately or eventually. Most women wish they could have kept the baby. Most women hate what they’ve done and feel so ashamed.

This magazine issue included interviews with several women who had had abortions. While those women say they have no regrets or doubt they made the right decision, I truly wonder if they’re really being honest with themselves, if they have just lied to themselves for so long that they are starting to believe that what they did is okay. I would guess they have, at some point, felt pain and regret for what they did, but just don’t want to face it because it’s just too hard and there is no going back. Or maybe Cosmopolitan is not even telling the entire story; just what they want other women to hear and believe.

Reading the interviews with those women made me sick to my stomach. It also made me so extremely sad for them. I wonder if had these women had someone lovingly tell them everything would be okay if they kept their baby, they might have listened. If someone had given them hope and strength and the motivation to care for the little life inside them instead of pressing them to abort, they might have listened.

One of them spoke of her day at the clinic and remembered seeing protesters standing outside. She and her boyfriend were about to go pay for a murder, but the ironic thing is she was worried that the protesters would start something violent. She added, “There was a security guard out there too, and he let us into the building. I thought, ‘At least there’s not going to be any violence.’ It made me feel better.”

Pro-abortionists claim that it’s an act of selflessness when you choose to end a life (yes, they admit it’s a life) because you’re preventing him or her from having a hard or less-than-ideal life later on, but in reality it’s a selfish answer to their “problem.”

One of the women interviewed said, “I have a lot of tattoos and it hurts to get tattooed, but there is a point when you think, I am getting something out of this pain. The abortion felt sort of the same. It was uncomfortable and strange, but my brain switched to, ‘It’s fine because after this pain I get this [positive thing].’ …I wouldn’t be the person I am—a successful, happy person—if I had to have that baby. I would be somebody stuck in poverty with few options to dig out of it. I didn’t become a heart surgeon or win a Nobel Prize. I just became an independent person who was able to find happiness. The opportunity to do that is the least anyone deserves.”

This next one took me completely by surprise:

A wife and already mother of three, said that when she and her husband found out they were expecting again they immediately knew they didn’t want the baby and went to schedule an abortion the very next day. They thought their life was perfect just the way it was and that another baby would just mess all of that up. “We love our little family and are super happy,” she said. At the end of the interview she added that she doesn’t regret the abortion at all. “Recently,” she said, “I babysat for my sister-in-law. She has a 2-year-old and an infant, and I was like, ‘No, no, no, I don’t want to do this again.’ So, no, I don’t regret the decision, and I don’t want to have seven babies to make up for it.”

I write all this to point out that there is so much hurt and so much hatred and so much selfishness in this world. There are very, very cold hearts that maybe we even think deserve to die in their filthy sins. But we must remember that there are also those who are 100% ignorant of the wrong they have done. They all simply need a loving person to help them see the error of their ways and be merciful and compassionate enough to help them through the tough times and just be their friend. Even the knowingly guilty ones can turn from their sins and be forgiven. Even the women who “don’t regret” their abortions. Even the doctors, who are trained to help maintain life but who choose to take it as well, can turn from their evil deeds and be forgiven.

We must remember that there is still good in this world too, even though thousands of babies are killed every single day. And we need to BE that good in the world. WE need to be the loving hands who help others find the right way. WE need to be the arms that hold those who have made horrible mistakes and grieve with them. WE need to be the merciful and forgiving people who will befriend those who have repented of their sin and are washed of it. WE need to be like Jesus, who looked past a person’s mistakes and simply saw a dirty soul that, through Him, could be washed as white as snow.

This past Sunday our preacher gave a lesson on compassion. He gave a contrast of the scribes and Pharisees versus Jesus. They were all against sinful living and told people about the error of their ways, but the way they presented their messages to the people was different: the scribes and Pharisees did so with a haughty spirit and pride and hatred in their hearts, but Jesus did so with compassion every single time. And in the end, who got the people to listen? It was Jesus, because He cared about each person and wasn’t haughty and arrogant like the scribes and Pharisees. We ought to have that same compassion toward every single soul we come in contact with.

We are called to be compassionate people. Pro-choicers are so convinced that we are a hateful gang with no tolerance whatsoever and no love for women. But while there may be some pro-lifers out there who are hateful and angry (and with good reason), we don’t need to be like that. Jesus called us to be lights in this dark world, and the salt of the earth that has lost its flavor. When we speak, we are to do so with grace, just like He did. He looked past the dreadful sins of the people and reached for their soul. We can do the same by not judging someone by their terrible deeds–even an abortion–and kindly help them see the wrong, show them that there is forgiveness, and love them just like Jesus loves them.

“So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity.” (Colossians 3:12-14)

Cosmopolitan Magazine, I have a suggestion for you: If you so claim to love and help and protect women, why not show a little genuine compassion and help them to see that a baby is not the end of their world. Help them see that murdering a baby is not ever the right or selfless or loving answer to their predicament. Show them that maybe if they sincerely think they can’t support a little human, then adoption is an option because so many couples not able to have a baby of their own are desperately wanting one to love. Maybe you could help these women get back up on their feet again so that they actually can support the little life growing inside them. Maybe instead of “empowering” them by helping them get the career they want by taking their baby’s life, really empower them by helping them strive for that career, all the while loving and caring for their baby, because I have seen so many women prove that it is possible. Cosmopolitan, there are SO many ways of loving and helping and protecting women, and it’s not the way you’re doing it.

~Courtney Faith

[All] Lives Matter


I’ve lived in the South my entire life and have met zero people who are racist. I know there are some out there (probably those who live out in the boonies who’ve never met anyone with a different skin tone than their own), but racism is really not that common. The few white people who are/were have unfortunately given the rest of white people a bad name, especially lately.

But people seriously need to stop making such a big deal out of this whole racist thing. Yes, “black lives matter,” but there is hardly a problem with racism these days, except what we hear nowadays that’s been blown out of proportion by Media and the few loud people who get “offended” by something “unfair.”

Once again, YES, “black lives matter.” Of course they matter! But so do white lives, female lives, male lives, elderly lives, and unborn lives. We’re all made in the image of God, and that makes us all important, all of equal value, and all made to be respected for that. It doesn’t make a difference what nationality, what age, what gender … LIFE matters. And if one human being can’t respect another person for that much, then that person is the problem … not guns, not black people, not white people, not cops. It’s a heart issue, not a skin/gender/authority issue. And if we don’t start there with fixing the problem, this whole “racism” thing will never be resolved.

You don’t treat a symptom to cure the sickness; you find what’s causing the sickness and treat the root of the problem. We need to fix our own hearts and then we can start fixing what’s wrong with this country.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that, but the Bible explains it a whole lot better than anybody. 1 John is a great place to learn about how we ought to be loving others:

“…the one who hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes.” (1 John 2:11)

“Do not be surprised, brethren, if the world hates you. We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love abides in death. Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. We know love by this, that He laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. But whoever has the world’s goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him? Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.” (1 John 3:13-18)

“And this commandment we have from Him, that the one who loves God should love his brother also.” (1 John 4:21)

Learn to Speak Your Husband’s Love Language

Since getting married a little over a year ago, I’ve learned so much about my husband, and I’m still learning new things about him every single day. 

When two people get married and begin their lives together, it takes some getting used to, for sure. You each have your own habits, personalities, likes and dislikes, and weird quirks. Getting to know your spouse is a never-ending process, but it’s supposed to be fun. And learning how to love your spouse better should be a top priority and a privilege to us.
My husband and I recently found and took a little quiz to find out what exactly our top “love languages” are (you can take it here). I’d always been curious, and the results we got didn’t shock me one bit.

Here is a short definition the 5 Love Languages site gives for each one:

  • Words of Affirmation: This language uses words to affirm other people.
  • Acts of Service: For these people, actions speak louder than words.
  • Receiving Gifts: For some people, what makes them feel most loved is to receive a gift.
  • Quality Time: This language is all about giving the other person your undivided attention.
  • Physical Touch: To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch.

My top two are quality time and physical touch. Spending some special time with my husband or sometimes just a hug from him is all I need to make my day go so much better, to show me that he cares, and whenever he makes a conscious effort to speak my love language, it means the world to me.

Words of affirmation and quality time are my husband’s top two, with acts of service being a close third. This is pretty obvious a lot of times because he tends to use the same when interacting with me. He’s great to make an effort for us to spend one-on-one time with each other. He never hesitates to tell me how much he appreciates me, is proud of me, or is thankful for things I do for him. When he’s at home he enjoys helping around the house even when I’m not there, and when I come in to a vacuumed floor or an empty sink and a load of clean dishes in the dishwasher, I know he was thinking about me, and I also know that if I did the same small gestures of service for him, it would make his day. When I do something for him — even if it’s just a little thing that I may not have thought would mean much — it just lights him up.

He feels loved when I serve him, work with him, and help him in ways he feels are needed. When I pack his lunch at 5:30 in the morning, he gives me a hug and kiss and tells me thank you and how much he appreciates it. Some days it’s just two turkey sandwiches and an apple, but it means a lot to him that I take the time to do it for him.

A lot of the time I slip a little piece of paper in his lunch bag with a little note telling him I hope he has a great day, that I appreciate his hard work, or just a simple “I love you.” He told me the other day that those little notes are the best part of his work day. Something that literally takes me only seconds to write, and only consists of about a handful of words has that much of an impact on his day. Why? Because even a small thing, when speaking your husband’s love language, means a lot when it shows you’re thinking about him.

If I’m to better show my love for my husband, I need to learn how to love him. First of all, men desire to be respected, and that is what God said wives are to show toward our husbands (whether we think they deserve it or not is not the issue here). In order to show my husband I love him, I must respect him. Respect is what a husband wants from his wife just as much as we wives want our men to show us love.

Secondly, we know we all have different personalities and needs. Pay attention to the needs of your husband and learn his love language and learn to “speak” it fluently. If my husband’s top need is for words of affirmation, I’ll need to make an effort to tell him how much I appreciate him, like writing him little notes telling him I’m proud to be his wife, and letting him know through my words that I’m grateful for his hard work and determination to provide for our family, etc. And since his other main love languages are quality time and acts of service, I can make it a priority to give him my undivided attention and do things for him to show him I love him.

Marriage is all about working together to be better. It’s about loving your spouse more than you love yourself. It’s about putting their needs before your own. And it’s about enjoying living life together as a team, as best friends.

Study and learn your husband like you would your favorite book. Take note of his interests, likes and dislikes, and what makes him happy. I’m sure he will appreciate your efforts and thoughtfulness, and will let you know he loves you in the special way you need to hear it, whether it be by giving you a gift, writing you a sweet note, washing the dishes for you, or any other way in the love language you personally need.

What are some special ways you practice using your husband’s love language to show him you care? What is/are your top love language(s)?

1st Anniversary

The Kiss

It’s been one year since I said “I do” to my best friend. Some people warned us that the first year would be the hardest, while some told us it would be the best. But I’d like to think of it as somewhere in the middle: this year has been the best so far. 

Walking Down the Isle

It sure flew by but I’m so thankful for these fast-paced 365 days spent learning with, growing with, and getting to know my husband even better. I see God’s hand in our lives more so than ever, and am always amazed at the love and care He shows us.

Groom and Groomsmen at Caboose

I’m thankful for a gentle, understanding husband who is more patient than I’ll ever know how to be, because he somehow deals with me on a daily basis. This can’t be easy for anyone (just ask my parents). Yeah, my husband’s a trooper.

The Girls at Caboose 1

I’m thankful for the wonderful women in my life that have shown an example by word and deed how to be a good wife. I’ve got a long way to go if I want to be as good a wife as they are, but I’ll get there someday.

Wedding Ceremony 1

And Cord, thank you for choosing me to share the rest of your life with. I am honored to be your wife, and look forward to the next 365 days and many, many more that I get to spend with you. You’re my best friend (and I love you more!) and you’re going to be a wonderful daddy.

Wedding Ceremony

“Some wish to be a king or a queen,
Some wish for fortune and fame,
But to be, truly, truly, truly loved,
Well, is more than all of these things.

Someone to kiss,
Someone to miss
When you’re away, to hear from each day;
To be loved, to be loved,
Oh, what a feeling to be loved.”

Leaving 1


Oh, Baby!

Good morning, everybody! I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far! My husband and I have been keeping a secret for nearly two months and we just made the big announcement on Tuesday…

We are having a baby!


Right now I’m 12½ weeks and am feeling more energetic than I have in several weeks. No super weird cravings so far (unless pickles and kraut or any kind of fruit sound strange to you!), and hardly any morning sickness make for one happy momma! I’m definitely very moody at times but my sweet husband helps me keep my cool and stay level-headed.


I’m staying away from caffeine (including coffee– gasp!!!) and trying not to have too much sugars or junky foods (but every now and then I do give in to a little craving). Garden of Life Vitamin Code® RAW Prenatal™ vitamins have been wonderful and I’m so thankful for them and the little boost of energy they give to help me get my day started!


Still wearing my regular clothes although I have a feeling that won’t last much longer. Just this past week my baby bump started popping out a little bit!


My favorite advice about pregnancy that I’ve received so far is from my Mawmaw: eat lots of BBQ! She said she pretty much grew my mom and uncles on BBQ and they “turned out just fine.” As long as I’m not eating junk food, she told me, just keep that baby fed and don’t worry about my own weight. Too many people worry about gaining “too much,” but there is no certain amount of pounds you should be putting on, so I’m just going to take her advice and be healthy and focus on growing and loving this sweet baby.


Have a blessed day!

p.s. Go and check out Teresa and Brent’s Southern Grace Photography on Facebook!

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10)

What I’ve Learned About Marriage So Far


Photo by Oh Snap! Photograhpy

My husband and I have been married now for just over ten months. I would say, “My, how time flies!” but then the wonderful couples who have been married for much longer than that will just think, “Yeah. Blink and you’ll be wondering where the past thirty-plus years went.”

Marriage is every bit as beautiful as I imagined, and then some. I’m so grateful that God blessed me with such a good man who loves Him more than anything, works hard to provide for us, and takes great care of me. Being a wife is not hard at all when you have such a fantastic husband.

These past ten months have taught me many valuable lessons, and have pushed me to try harder and be better and love deeper.

I’ve learned that marriage means when you have a bad day or are worried about something, you always have a friend who will listen to you and cheer you up and let you know that everything is gonna be all right.

I’ve learned that marriage means teamwork. I don’t have to do things on my own because I have a wonderful partner who’s in this with me, for life.

I’ve learned that marriage means thinking of yourself less. My time is no longer just my time; it’s our time, and I have to be ever mindful of that. If your spouse needs help with something, put your list of things-to-do-today aside for a little bit and just be there for them.

I’ve learned that marriage means putting your spouse first. After God, of course, your spouse should be the most important person in the world. Being a husband or wife is all about serving one another as God intended, not continually looking for ways I can be happy, or how I can be more comfortable.

I’ve learned that marriage means working together, not against each other. Good communication is a huge key to a happy marriage, and not arguing is another. Sure, we’re going to have disagreements now and again, but that doesn’t mean we can’t depend on each other and work things out and get over the dumb things we do or say.

I’ve learned that marriage means finding your weaknesses, but also finding your strengths. You will see them and your spouse will see them. But you can only continue to grow stronger and get better at what you’re not so good at. And hey, like I mentioned earlier, you’ve got your best friend who can help you through the tougher times, so just keep growing together!

I’ve learned that marriage means you’ll mess up. A lot. And your spouse is gonna mess up. A lot. But having the grace to forgive something hurtful said or the good sense of humor to laugh it off makes a world of difference. So what if you burned the casserole and set the smoke alarm off? It’s certainly not the end of the world, and once you’ve filled your tummies with something else, this whole disaster is gonna be funny. (And hey, it’ll make for a great story years down the road.)

I’ve learned that marriage means helping each other grow. Remember you’re both learning this whole husband and wife thing together, so be patient with one other as you get better at this whole thing.

I’ve learned that marriage means saying words of encouragement to each other. Just as much as you like to hear how much you’re appreciated or how much your spouse believes in your abilities, so do they. Tell him how grateful you are for his hard work and how much you look up to him and how much you love him. A few words of kindness go a long way.

I’ve learned that marriage sometimes means saying nothing at all. As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Your actions toward your spouse say much more than the words coming out of your mouth sometimes. If you show in your actions that you love him, your husband will know it without you even having to say it.

I’ve learned that marriage means trusting in God. Jobs or money or people may fail us at times, but God will never leave us or let us down, and trusting in Him brings husbands and wives closer together.

I’ve learned that marriage means laughing together. There’s simply nothing better than being happy with your best friend. Tickle each other, make them laugh at the silly things you do; just have fun doing life together.

I’ve learned that marriage is pretty awesome and I’m glad to be in it for the long haul with my best friend.