{Update #6} Our First Garden

Our garden is producing a lot more these days! 

We picked our first tomato this week (the two before that, a worm beat us to them). I’ve got hot peppers running out of my ears so I started freezing them. Our bell and sweet peppers are doing really well too. My fennel has gotten big and I’ve been wondering what to do with it (I just planted it for fun), and a friend of mine told me she puts it in her smoothies so I’m looking forward to try that. The rabbits are still a bit of a problem, but we have actually gotten several beans from our bushes, so take that, wascally wabbits! 

My in-laws came over this past weekend and helped us put up sour kraut in an antique crock that’s been in the family at least four generations. I’ve made kraut before, but never this way, so it was a fun new experience! We put up about thirty-five pounds of cabbage (10 heads), and now we wait about a month for it to ferment and then we’ll can it. I’m super excited to get to eat it when it’s ready! 

The squash was planted a bit late, but it’s blooming now so it won’t be long before we start to get that. The watermelon, cucumber, and pumpkin plants are also getting pretty big. We finally thinned out our okra plants, and it’s looking like we’ll have a huge amount of that coming in. The corn has shot up (taller than me now!) and we harvested two huge bunches of broccoli, which were delicious. 

That’s about it, I guess. Here are the pictures I took this morning!

^Eden by the broccoli, bean, and tomato plants. ^Beans and tomatoes. ^Grape tomato and okra plants. ^Eden standing by the corn rows. ^Corn tassels. ^Squash blooms. ^Cucumber plants. ^Watermon plants. ^Five pumpkin plants and our compost pile. ^Beefsteak tomato!^I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this caterpillar. ^Okra blooms. ^Carrying the veggies for Mommy!^Front to back: carrots and lettuce in raised bed, tomatoes, broccoli, okra, tomatoes, corn. 

^We gathered a bunch of broccoli already, but here’s another sprouting up. 

In case you’ve missed the first garden posts, here are the links to them:

Have a great day!


How I Organized Our Master Bathroom

My Mondays

Monday is usually my catch-up day. Over the weekend we’re either working outside or busy with something else, so the housework gets put on the back burner. It’s aggravating at times, but honestly a perfectly clean house all weekend long is just not high on my list of priorities. I like to have it looking nice on Friday evening, but ’till Monday morning I don’t want to fool with it. So that means come Monday morning I have pleeeenty to do!

Drink Coffee, Make a To-Do List

After I’ve had my morning cup of Joe, I like to make a list of things I need to get done each day. Mondays are always more work, but it’s basically the same chores each day:

  • Make bed, straighten up bedroom
  • Unload/load dishwasher
  • Wipe counters, sweep kitchen
  • Start laundry, put away laundry
  • Clean living room 
  • Vacuum floors

Some days it may vary, but you get the gist of it. I just tackle the basics and then see what’s left and do that. 

I Organized Our Master Bathroom Last Monday

Last Monday was Memorial Day and my husband was home, so that made my catch-up day a little different, but that’s how it goes sometimes. He worked outside and was also able to spend time on a project of his. I wasn’t feeling too good, but while Eden napped (she took a nice, long one that day!) I suddenly got in a cleaning/organizing mood and knew that as long as I stayed busy I wouldn’t think about how “blah” I was feeling. 

So, our master bathroom has been needing some TLC for quite a while now (like, since we moved here), and it was driving me bananas how disorganized the cabinets had gotten. I scrubbed the grimy door and floor with a toothbrush and a lot of elbow grease. The door looks fantastic now but the floor is still not the prettiest you’ll ever see, that’s for sure, but it’s a major improvement overall. Then I got to the fun part: organizing. I’m super in to minimalism now and the past few months I’ve been getting rid of things left and right, and wanting to chunk, like, 95% of our stuff, even though we really don’t have a ton of stuff. But I so love the idea of having as little things as possible, and those you do have be only important/necessity. Buuuut I’m still working on that, and my husband and I are not exactly, absolutely, 100% on the same page about the definition of “necessity,” so there’s that little issue. 😉 Anyway. I chunked probably half of what was in the cabinets and baskets (old lotions, makeup I’ll never use, a broken flat iron, etc.) and then put what was left into two baskets, two drawers sets, a shoe box, and a wire rack. 

I don’t even wish I’d taken “before” pictures, because it’s nothing I want to see again! So, here are the “after” photos. 

What are some of your favorite ways to declutter and reorganize? Let me in on your secrets!
Have a great day!
~Courtney Faith

{Update #4} Our First Garden

Here’s a quick update and a few pictures of our garden. We’re still getting lettuce, spinach, and peppers. The tomato plants are so full of fruit so when they ripen we’re gonna have plenty! 

Today we planted more tomato plants (this time some grape and cherry tomatoes), bell peppers, and we gave another shot at some more bush bean seeds. We’ll see how they do, and hopefully the rabbits won’t take them over like they did the peas. (Hubby has shot two rabbits so far, but we know there’s at least one more either living in our yard somewhere or close by.)

I also planted some peppermint in an old ice cream maker bucket and I’m super excited about that! Growing up, we had a flower bed full of peppermint and I would love to do that someday, but until we own a house I’ll keep it contained in a pot. It’s a small plant at the moment but I know they grow really fast, so once it spreads some I’ll put it on the front porch beside the door for a nice, welcoming decoration. 

That’s about all there is to update you on right now, so here are some snapshots I took yesterday evening. 

Have a great day!

~Courtney Faith

DIY Valentine’s Day Mantle/Shelf

Hey, y’all! Now that January is already almost over, we can start thinking about Valentine’s Day, which is less than three weeks away! I don’t know about you, but it’s such a fun holiday, filled with all things a girl loves– chocolate, pink, hearts, roses, and love. I mean, what’s not to love about a day centered around love and all things sweet and pretty? February is one of my favorite months for a few reasons, including my and my daughter’s birthdays (a day apart!), and, of course, this sweet day of romance and chocolate.

This will be my husband’s and my fourth Valentine’s Day together, but last year we had a 6 day-old baby so we didn’t do any celebrating or a dinner date. This time around, though, I decided to even do a little decorating in the house. I’m not much of one for decorating for every little holiday– I mostly keep to the seasons and Christmas –but with my daughter’s first birthday coming up and I’ve been seeing so many cute ideas for decorating on Pinterest (my favorite!) and everywhere I look, I just gave in and thought, “Why not give it a shot?! It’ll be fun to have an excuse to make the house pink and red for a few weeks!”

I have a shelf in our living room that’s one of my favorite spots in the house, and I love to decorate it by the seasons, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just whatever mood I might be in sometimes. I guess some would call it my “vignette,” but I’m still trying to learn how to use that word properly, so… yeah.


Here are some pictures of my little Valentine’s Day area, and probably the first of other decorations I’ll be doing for Eden’s birthday party (I’m excited about posting pictures from that when it’s over!).

I already had things like the Willow Tree wedding cake topper, wedding picture, the painting of our hands from an engagement photo a friend painted for us, and the antique books and the plant up there, but I took it all down off the shelf and started over with a blank slate.

I rounded up random objects of red that I could find, which I knew would give that perfect pop of Valentine’s Day color. I wound up with a red rooster mug, some red Christmas ornaments, a Valentine’s Day candy bowl with a Bible verse inside, which I tipped to its side so it could be read, and also some red marriage/love books (Love & Respect, Crazy Love, Married Life, and XOXO– a love notes book –seemed very appropriate!). The pot that my plant is in is a reddish brown, so I thought that added to the theme as well.

One of my favorite things that I think brought out the Valentine’s Day look was this Jane Austen quote from the romantic Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. I set it on a tiny easel on top of the books and it shows up quite nicely. Find it and five other beautiful FREE Jane Austen printables here by Teepee Girl.

Also on the shelf, I have a silver candle holder, which adds a nice bit of shine to the whole setting, next to the shiny ornaments.

All added together, combining books laid out horizontally and vertically, picture frames of varying sizes, a pop of greenery, bright red objects of different shapes and sizes, and some dark antiques to go with my chipped charcoal shelf, with a romantic quote and sentimental things, I think it came together to look Valentine’s Day-worthy.

I asked my husband when he got home if it looked too girly, and all he said was, “It’s definitely girly.” So, I guess I achieved my goal!

Do you have a special spot you like to decorate for this time of year? Are you into all the red and pink and romantic Valentine’s Day theme? I’d love to hear your unique ways of decorating for this holiday!

~Courtney Faith