{Fall} Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

I think it's safe to say we all love having Fall-like smells in the house these days, making the lovely season even more enjoyable. There are so many yummy candles for sale now everywhere you look, but most of them are so full of nasty chemicals that I don't want to risk my family's health … Continue reading {Fall} Essential Oil Diffuser Blends


How I Cured My Infected C-Section Incision Naturally

I had a Cesarean section when my daughter was born 9+ months ago. As I mentioned briefly in Eden Lily's Birth Story, the incision later got infected and I had extreme pain for about a month and lots of trouble simply walking and moving around. At the hospital, where I stayed two days after the … Continue reading How I Cured My Infected C-Section Incision Naturally

5 Teething Must-Haves for Babies

   Today we're going to talk about that dreaded "'T' word." Teething. My 9 month-old-- bless her-- is currently cutting her 4th tooth, and it hasn't been fun for her or me. BUT there are, thankfully, some things we can do to help make this rough growing stage a liiiiiittle bit easier! If you're going … Continue reading 5 Teething Must-Haves for Babies

How to Clean Your Coffee Pot with Essential Oils

In our house, we drink a LOT of coffee. All day every day, pretty much. Because why not?! But since we drink it so much, our coffee pot is used regularly and so it pretty much only gets rinsed and rarely a proper washing. I took a look at it today and figured it was … Continue reading How to Clean Your Coffee Pot with Essential Oils

DIY: Natural Toothpaste with Essential Oils

Hello, everybody! I'm really excited about today's recipe! I'm going to be making this for sure. Here is Kristen's great and easy recipe for fluoride-free toothpaste that is awesome for your teeth and your breath! Here's how to make it: 3 tablespoons baking soda 3 tablespoons coconut oil 2 teaspoons hydrogen peroxide Peppermint oil (for … Continue reading DIY: Natural Toothpaste with Essential Oils

DIY: Fabric Softener

Good morning, peoples! I hope you're enjoying your week so far! The recipe I'm sharing with you today is super-duper simple, and you most likely have every single ingredient (there are only THREE) in your house already! For this homemade fabric softener, here's what you'll need: 2 cups hair conditioner (whatever scent you like best) … Continue reading DIY: Fabric Softener

DIY: Liquid Laundry Detergent

Hey, everybody! I hope you're enjoying your week. The past few days have been absolutely beautiful outside! I guess it was our little preview for Fall. I'm sooo ready for cooler days, crisp breezes, and crinkling leaves on the ground. Today's recipe is just like my laundry detergent I posted the instructions to at the end … Continue reading DIY: Liquid Laundry Detergent

DIY: Natural Floor and Stainless Steel Cleaner

Hey, everybody! I'm so excited about the new things I will be sharing with you over the next several days! A friend of mine just sent me a lot of really awesome recipes for some easy, do-it-yourself cleaning solutions for the home, plus toothpaste, and baby snack food. Since they're not all edible recipes, I obviously won't … Continue reading DIY: Natural Floor and Stainless Steel Cleaner