{Update #8} Our First Garden

Hello, friends! It's been nearly a month since I've written (oops!), so obviously a lot of changes have taken place in our little garden since my last post.  I'll spare you all the little details and just give you a quick update on how it is currently.  Since my last Our First Garden post, we've … Continue reading {Update #8} Our First Garden


{Update #4} Our First Garden

Here's a quick update and a few pictures of our garden. We're still getting lettuce, spinach, and peppers. The tomato plants are so full of fruit so when they ripen we're gonna have plenty!  Today we planted more tomato plants (this time some grape and cherry tomatoes), bell peppers, and we gave another shot at … Continue reading {Update #4} Our First Garden

A Little Bit of Local History

Summertime for my family and friends, as with most, has always been a favorite time of year. It means no more cold days, no school (if you're lucky) or co-op classes, and going barefoot outside. It means eating salty watermelon, churning homemade ice cream on the front porch, and watching lightning bugs light up the … Continue reading A Little Bit of Local History

‘Sew’ Cool Tutorial: Handmade State Throw Pillows

When we had all that snow a couple weeks ago, I got to feeling creative. Someone had given me a bag of scrap fabrics and I looked through it and found some just big enough to make a little something, so I decided to hand stitch some throw pillows together. I'd seen a lot of … Continue reading ‘Sew’ Cool Tutorial: Handmade State Throw Pillows