Children a Hindrance?

Eden and I went to Walmart today. She has her moments, but she's normally very well behaved when we shop. Today was no different. She is tall enough now to reach the top of the side of the buggy, and now likes to walk beside me with her hand on the buggy while we go … Continue reading Children a Hindrance?


12 Chores for Toddlers

"Never do for a child what he can do for himself. A 'dependent' child is a demanding child... Children become irresponsible only when we fail to give them opportunities to take on responsibility." -Rudolph Dreikurs & Margaret Goldman Today I'm talking about chores for toddler. Yes, even little kids need chores to do. If you … Continue reading 12 Chores for Toddlers

6 Fun Date Ideas for When You Have Littles with You

Spending quality time and having fun with your spouse is so incredibly important. But just because you're married and you get to see one another every day (which is the case for most, but not all) doesn't mean you need to stop dating each other. And this is even true after you have kids--maybe more … Continue reading 6 Fun Date Ideas for When You Have Littles with You

Minimal Diaper Bag Essentials (from a Mama with a Toddler)

If you'd have told me a year ago what I'd be packing in my diaper bag today, I probably would have laughed. As a first-time mom, the first few months of Eden's life I thought I needed to pack all the things. Now, for a newborn you do need to pack more-- because they will … Continue reading Minimal Diaper Bag Essentials (from a Mama with a Toddler)

DIY Toddler’s Craft Corner

At eighteen months my daughter is really starting to show her fun side. Don't get me wrong-- she's always been fun, but the past month or so her personality and humor and interest in certain things are really coming through. Some of her interests include playing with play-dough, coloring, sorting out or lining up her toys (or quirky little things she picks up around the house). 

Her attention span for books and certain activities is still pretty short because of her age, but it's getting longer as she gets older, so that makes doing crafts and reading or practicing ABCs and 123s a bit easier and that's something I am really starting to instill in our days now. 

We've had a little table for her in our kitchen/dining area for several months and she really enjoys sitting at it for snacks and playing. So I've set her up a little craft corner at it with a box of fun things for her to do-- and learning new skills as she plays, unbeknownst to her...

Finding Peace in the Hard Days of Motherhood

It's 11 PM and my day is finally coming to a close. The day was full of busy-ness. It was filled with messes, cries, tantrums, disciplining, boo-boos, and more messes. But it was also full of smiles, giggles, hugs, kisses, cuddles, and more smiles. I feel like I did it all today. My feet tell … Continue reading Finding Peace in the Hard Days of Motherhood