How I Organized Our Master Bathroom

My Mondays

Monday is usually my catch-up day. Over the weekend we’re either working outside or busy with something else, so the housework gets put on the back burner. It’s aggravating at times, but honestly a perfectly clean house all weekend long is just not high on my list of priorities. I like to have it looking nice on Friday evening, but ’till Monday morning I don’t want to fool with it. So that means come Monday morning I have pleeeenty to do!

Drink Coffee, Make a To-Do List

After I’ve had my morning cup of Joe, I like to make a list of things I need to get done each day. Mondays are always more work, but it’s basically the same chores each day:

  • Make bed, straighten up bedroom
  • Unload/load dishwasher
  • Wipe counters, sweep kitchen
  • Start laundry, put away laundry
  • Clean living room 
  • Vacuum floors

Some days it may vary, but you get the gist of it. I just tackle the basics and then see what’s left and do that. 

I Organized Our Master Bathroom Last Monday

Last Monday was Memorial Day and my husband was home, so that made my catch-up day a little different, but that’s how it goes sometimes. He worked outside and was also able to spend time on a project of his. I wasn’t feeling too good, but while Eden napped (she took a nice, long one that day!) I suddenly got in a cleaning/organizing mood and knew that as long as I stayed busy I wouldn’t think about how “blah” I was feeling. 

So, our master bathroom has been needing some TLC for quite a while now (like, since we moved here), and it was driving me bananas how disorganized the cabinets had gotten. I scrubbed the grimy door and floor with a toothbrush and a lot of elbow grease. The door looks fantastic now but the floor is still not the prettiest you’ll ever see, that’s for sure, but it’s a major improvement overall. Then I got to the fun part: organizing. I’m super in to minimalism now and the past few months I’ve been getting rid of things left and right, and wanting to chunk, like, 95% of our stuff, even though we really don’t have a ton of stuff. But I so love the idea of having as little things as possible, and those you do have be only important/necessity. Buuuut I’m still working on that, and my husband and I are not exactly, absolutely, 100% on the same page about the definition of “necessity,” so there’s that little issue. 😉 Anyway. I chunked probably half of what was in the cabinets and baskets (old lotions, makeup I’ll never use, a broken flat iron, etc.) and then put what was left into two baskets, two drawers sets, a shoe box, and a wire rack. 

I don’t even wish I’d taken “before” pictures, because it’s nothing I want to see again! So, here are the “after” photos. 

What are some of your favorite ways to declutter and reorganize? Let me in on your secrets!
Have a great day!
~Courtney Faith

Toddler Easter Basket for under $10


With Easter less than two weeks away, parents and grandparents all over the place are going to be (if they’re not already) filling up baskets with lots of goodies and toys.

Last year Eden was only a tiny baby so I didn’t go to any trouble of fixing her up a basket with things she wouldn’t give a care about, but this year she’s a toddler with such a big personality and I’m excited to be fixing up and giving her something she’ll actually enjoy now. Maybe a basket with fake grass and plastic eggs is a little bit over the top for a gift for a little kid, but it’s fun and I want her to have little memories like I did when I was younger, waking up on Easter morning to a few little goodies and some chocolate.

For a while I struggled with good ideas for what I could put in her basket. What does a little girl who still sometimes puts things in her mouth but usually doesn’t, and can understand what certain things are for need in her Easter basket? I didn’t want to buy her junky stuff she’ll never play with, and I didn’t want to spend a bunch on it either, and I really wanted to get small things to be able to hide in plastic eggs, so I brainstormed for a while, made me a little list, and then went shopping.

I wound up buying things from two stores; Walmart and Dollar Tree. They have a really good selection for Easter/Spring and so I got my stuff there, but I’m sure a lot of things they have can be found at other stores as well.

I’ll give you the prices of Eden’s basket and what’s in it, and then I’ll list a few other ideas for fun basket and egg fillers (including some things for if you have a boy).

Eden’s Basket:

  • Plush bunny ($2.98 at Walmart)
  • Milk chocolate bunny ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Two sets of necklaces– 5 necklaces total ($.98 per set at Walmart)
  • Bucket– the baskets I saw were either huge or super tall, but the handle on a bucket is short enough for a toddler to carry, and they have really cute Easter ones ($.88 at Walmart)
  • Fake grass, or whatever it’s technically called ($.98 at Walmart)
  • Pack of chalk– 6 colors in big egg shapes, perfect for chunky baby hands! ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Large plastic eggs– large so things can fit inside easier ($.98 at Walmart)

Other Ideas:

  • Teething toys or cookies (egg filler)
  • Matchbox cars (egg filler)
  • Socks (egg filler)
  • Pacifiers (egg filler)
  • Crayons
  • Small Bible or New Testament
  • Board books
  • Small bouncy ball
  • Sippy cup
  • Sunglasses
  • Play dough
  • Hair bows (possible egg filler)

Happy Spring, everyone! What are some things you’re putting in your child(ren)’s basket(s) this Easter?

Pink and Gold First Birthday Party


A few weekends ago we had our daughter’s first birthday party. For weeks I’d been planning this thing, and having a blast brainstorming and browsing Pinterest for more ideas. I wanted to do mostly pastel pink and throw in a bit of gold here and there, and luckily that’s kind of what’s in right now for little girls’ birthday parties, so there were a TON of resources for ideas, products, etc. so I had zero trouble getting that.

There were a few things I knew for certain I wanted: a pretty backdrop behind Eden’s high chair, a tutu for her AND a tutu for her high chair, a simple cake, and a very simple yet feminine style. We wound up with all of those things and more, and with some pinning, shopping, crafting, and tons of help from my mom, we achieved exactly the perfect little girly party theme I’d imagined.




The high chair tutu was something I definitely never imagined using, much less making, for my daughter’s first-ever birthday party, but the more and more I saw those poofy things on Pinterest, the more and more I liked them. So I decided it couldn’t be too hard to make one, so I bought two different shades of (sparkly!) pink tule from Walmart, and cut the strips the length I needed them, then tied them to an elastic band. I used Velcro stickers (the hard side) on the sides of the high chair tray, and stuck the tule to those and the tutu stuck securely. Super simple, tons of fun, and way cute!



For the cake setting, I used a pale pink table cloth from Walmart, and some matte white Mason jars I painted a couple years ago which wound up being perfect for holding straws (pink cake pop sticks from Walmart) and flowers (also from Walmart). Pink and white plates and white napkins came from the Dollar Tree, the white cake plate and gold cupcake liners from TJ Maxx, and gold candles from Walmart. I also printed out a black and white photo of Eden I had taken recently, and framed it in a pink frame I got at Aldi and displayed it on the cake table. While looking up “pink and gold birthday party” I came across some super cute FREE printable banners/buntings, plus a ton of other things to match (like invitations, water bottle labels, etc.) from The Paper Trail Design and was extremely please with it. I used an old window for a background and hung one banner from it and a tiny little bunting across the cake, strung to two cake pop sticks.




The cake was made with white cake mixes from Aldi, which I made by the box’s directions the night before the party and then froze overnight. Before pouring the batter into the pans, though, I greased some parchment paper and lined the pans in that, so the next morning when I was ready to ice the cake, they just popped right out of the pans with no effort and NO sticking. That fluffy pink icing was a Pioneer Woman recipe for cream cheese frosting, which I added just a bit of red food coloring to to make it that perfect shade of pastel pink. Let me tell you, that icing was DELICIOUS. I just love Pioneer Woman. The cake topper was super simple to make; I just printed out a little bunting from The Paper Trail Company, cut out the little gold pieces I wanted, and wrote letters on each one with a fine-tip marker to spell my daughter’s name. Then I glued them closed, onto a strand of white embroidery thread, and tied that to two cake pop sticks, poked them into the cake, and voila! I also added one single gold candle in the middle and sprinkled some pearl candies over the top. For the “smash cake” I just left some cake batter out while making the big cake and baked a cupcake for Eden to eat. I spooned the icing on kinda sloppily, sprinkled a few pearl candies, and poked a candle in the center. She didn’t feel 100% the day of her party so I didn’t take her smash cake pictures till a few days later when she could thoroughly enjoy it.



This was super simple and kind of not thought through very much until I ran across a hot pink, light pink, and gold banner kit in the Valentine’s Day section of Walmart. It could be made up to 6 feet long, and I made it just a bit shorter than that. I hung it on the wall behind where the highchair would be and at just the right height, and then I got out my light pink and white streamers (also from Walmart) and started that tedious job. I started in the middle of the banner and taped one end of the streamer just behind that, and ran it down the wall to the length I wanted, then twisted it to get the spiral, and cut and taped the other end to the bottom of the wall.





The food was so much fun to do, and my mom helped me a ton with this part. I knew I wanted pink finger foods to go with the theme, so we opted for dipped pretzels and sugar wafers, homemade energy balls with pink M&Ms, plus the pink cake and cupcakes. I made a big batch of chili in the slow cooker and my husband made four FANTASTIC pizzas. My grandparents surprised us by bringing deviled eggs and chicken wings and some pink coconut-covered snack cakes, so we were not lacking in food for everyone, that’s for sure! For drinks, I made pink lemonade and pink punch (recipe to come!), plus coffee– which is not pink, but absolutely a necessary for our bunch.
…And that’s how we did Eden Lily’s first birthday party! How did you celebrate your child(ren)’s first birthday(s)? Did you have a theme or color scheme? Did you go all out or keep it simple? I’d love to hear your experiences!

For all of the awesome sources I got some of my ideas from, follow my Birthday Girl board on Pinterest here!

~Courtney Faith

DIY Valentine’s Day Mantle/Shelf

Hey, y’all! Now that January is already almost over, we can start thinking about Valentine’s Day, which is less than three weeks away! I don’t know about you, but it’s such a fun holiday, filled with all things a girl loves– chocolate, pink, hearts, roses, and love. I mean, what’s not to love about a day centered around love and all things sweet and pretty? February is one of my favorite months for a few reasons, including my and my daughter’s birthdays (a day apart!), and, of course, this sweet day of romance and chocolate.

This will be my husband’s and my fourth Valentine’s Day together, but last year we had a 6 day-old baby so we didn’t do any celebrating or a dinner date. This time around, though, I decided to even do a little decorating in the house. I’m not much of one for decorating for every little holiday– I mostly keep to the seasons and Christmas –but with my daughter’s first birthday coming up and I’ve been seeing so many cute ideas for decorating on Pinterest (my favorite!) and everywhere I look, I just gave in and thought, “Why not give it a shot?! It’ll be fun to have an excuse to make the house pink and red for a few weeks!”

I have a shelf in our living room that’s one of my favorite spots in the house, and I love to decorate it by the seasons, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just whatever mood I might be in sometimes. I guess some would call it my “vignette,” but I’m still trying to learn how to use that word properly, so… yeah.


Here are some pictures of my little Valentine’s Day area, and probably the first of other decorations I’ll be doing for Eden’s birthday party (I’m excited about posting pictures from that when it’s over!).

I already had things like the Willow Tree wedding cake topper, wedding picture, the painting of our hands from an engagement photo a friend painted for us, and the antique books and the plant up there, but I took it all down off the shelf and started over with a blank slate.

I rounded up random objects of red that I could find, which I knew would give that perfect pop of Valentine’s Day color. I wound up with a red rooster mug, some red Christmas ornaments, a Valentine’s Day candy bowl with a Bible verse inside, which I tipped to its side so it could be read, and also some red marriage/love books (Love & Respect, Crazy Love, Married Life, and XOXO– a love notes book –seemed very appropriate!). The pot that my plant is in is a reddish brown, so I thought that added to the theme as well.

One of my favorite things that I think brought out the Valentine’s Day look was this Jane Austen quote from the romantic Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. I set it on a tiny easel on top of the books and it shows up quite nicely. Find it and five other beautiful FREE Jane Austen printables here by Teepee Girl.

Also on the shelf, I have a silver candle holder, which adds a nice bit of shine to the whole setting, next to the shiny ornaments.

All added together, combining books laid out horizontally and vertically, picture frames of varying sizes, a pop of greenery, bright red objects of different shapes and sizes, and some dark antiques to go with my chipped charcoal shelf, with a romantic quote and sentimental things, I think it came together to look Valentine’s Day-worthy.

I asked my husband when he got home if it looked too girly, and all he said was, “It’s definitely girly.” So, I guess I achieved my goal!

Do you have a special spot you like to decorate for this time of year? Are you into all the red and pink and romantic Valentine’s Day theme? I’d love to hear your unique ways of decorating for this holiday!

~Courtney Faith


How to Clean Your Coffee Pot with Essential Oils

In our house, we drink a LOT of coffee. All day every day, pretty much. Because why not?!

But since we drink it so much, our coffee pot is used regularly and so it pretty much only gets rinsed and rarely a proper washing.

I took a look at it today and figured it was time — no, PAST time — to give that poor thing a scrub down.

In the past I’ve cleaned it with ice, salt, and lemon juice– swirling it around till most of the coffee stained come off, then finish up with a light scrubbing. That works all right, I guess, but this time it still looked pretty grimy on the outside, even after lots and lots of swirling and scrubbing and rinsing! So I grabbed my lemon essential oil and dabbed a few drops directly onto the glass and rubbed the pot with some cheese cloth. It was amazing how quickly that thing began to shine! I knew lemon oil is a fantastic glass cleaner, but this was impressive.

That’s all it took, and it looks as good as new! Just give it a quick wash and then get the extra stubborn grime off with lemon oil! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Now I want some coffee but I don’t want to get my pot dirty… Hehe.

Take care!

~Courtney Faith

Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter Trivia Game Day

Last weekend my husband and I hosted a trivia game day and invited several people over. I know nothing about the LOTR books, and next to nothing about anything Harry Potter related, but my husband and the people who came are really in to one or both, so it was pretty neat to get to play with them. (I played too, but only got one answer right, I believe.)

My husband and I had spent the past week or more beforehand brainstorming ideas and preparing for this party. We decided to make signs and foods that go along with the LOTR/Harry Potter themes. The girls who came also made theme-related foods, so once everyone got there with everything, it looked pretty stinkin’ cool.

The Harry Potter Theme:
One friend brought cream soda, ice cream, and butterscotch chips and made everyone some butter beer– which was delicious! I set up two goblets of jelly beans, Hubby and I made golden snitches out of chocolate balls with gold wrappers, and another friend made wands with chocolate-covered pretzel sticks. My sister-in-law also brought chocolate bars (to keep Dementors away). Hubby made a fantastic Ministry of Magic sign and hung it over the toilet (hehe).

The Lord of the Rings Theme:
Hubby had the idea of “Frodo fingers,” which were just cocktail sausages in a crock-pot. It was a gross thought, but they actually were yummy (I cooked them in grape jelly)! My SIL brought the Counsel of Elron, which were little elf cookies filled with chocolate (yum!), and I set up a plate of glazed donuts for rings, one which was frosted along the edges with chocolate Elvish writing. At the drinks table, Hubby put up a sign that read, “It comes in pints!” and for the front door I made a sign that said, “No admittance except on party business.”

And to tie the two magical worlds together, I drew a little picture next to the entrance…


A friend and I were discussing another themed party we might could have next. How does Jane Austen trivia game day sound to you?

Have you ever thrown a movie/book-themed party? What things did you use to decorate? What games did you play?

DIY: Homemade Feather Mobile

Good morning!

So, a few months ago when I was still pregnant with little Eden, my husband and I went to Barnes & Noble to browse around like we did quite often. When he goes in there and gets into the war history section, it’s kinda hard to get him out of there, so that day I just decided to sit on a bench and look at craft magazines while I waited, (because if I went to the Christian /historical fiction section, I’d want to buy every single book they had, and it’d then be hard to get me out of there, as well). I found so many cute projects in those magazines that I will never have enough time to do, but there were a couple of things I memorized so I could go home and make them.

Long story short… Our daughter’s now over 2 months old and I never did those projects I saw in the magazines– until last week, when I decided she needed a little more pink in her already very pink room and I “needed” another craft to keep me busy while she napped. So we went to Hobby Lobby on Friday to pick up the two supplies I didn’t already have at home, and she and I spent a looooong time in there, just ooh-ing and ahh-ing at everything. (And I’m pretty sure she fell in love at the beads isle– so much sparkle! Proud crafty-mommy moment right there, lemme tell ya.)

So anyway, enough of my rambling.– let’s see some pictures!




It was super easy to make, and only slightly time-consuming and tedious, since it involves thread and beads.

Supplies Needed:

-Embroidery thread; colored, white

-Cross-stitching hoop

-Beads; white

-Feathers; colored



-Tie two strands of embroidery thread on the hoop, quartered. This will be what it hangs from, so make it the length you desire.

-If you want, wrap colored thread around the hoop about 1-inch wide, each spaced a few inches apart, securing the end with a dab of glue. You can leave this step out, stick to only one color, or use as many colors as you prefer.

-Now the fun part. Choose the thread length you want, then tie a feather to one end so that it dangles. Now thread as many beads as you want to the thread (you can double through the bead to keep it “floating” in the middle). When you’re through with one strand, tie it to the hoop and start another one. I did 12 different length strands and spaced them evenly around the hoop.

-When you’re through, hang it up on the ceiling and let your baby admire it!



Have a nice day!