Decorating for Fall

I’ve been SO excited for Fall this year. I think I love this season more and more every year.

My favorite part about Autumn is that the cotton fields bloom white like snow, and here in Alabama it’s everywhere. It’s seriously got to be the prettiest site in the whole world. It doesn’t last very long, but that makes it even more special.

I would LOVE to decorate our home all year ’round in Fall theme. And if I had some cotton stems I would for sure leave that up every day!

But enough of my rambling about my love for all things Fall! Let’s get to the pictures!

I got some small pumpkins from the store today and came home and got busy setting things up to welcome Autumn into our home. The red leaves on my shelf are just clippings from one of our shrubs in the flowerbeds. They may wilt quickly, but oh well. In the frame I have a quote from a hymn that I printed off from somewhere online. The other decorations are just plants and things I already had on hand. I just like to gather up little odds and ends and put them together and see what it looks like!

What are your favorite ways to decorate this season?

Have a nice day!

~Courtney Faith


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