The Beautiful Result of Hurricane Harvey

What a week this country has had! Although most of us do not live in the area where Hurricane Harvey hit, our hearts are with them as well as our prayers.

I live in “tornado country,” and while I have never personally experienced any great loss other than countless trees and tree limbs, I do have friends who have, and it is a sad thing to lose one’s home, belongings, business, pets, or most especially a loved one. I just can’t even imagine the hurt one feels at a time like that.

Back in April 2011 my hometown was torn up pretty badly by at least three tornadoes (one of which was an EF-4) while much of the rest of the state was being ripped up and blown back down as well. More than fifty tornadoes touched down in Alabama alone that day, killing over three hundred people and injuring many more. It was an awful and scary time.

Natural disasters are terrible things, but while they damage and destroy homes and business and lives sometimes, I do think there is a bright side to even this. No, I’m not saying anything about that kind of destruction is a good thing or something to be happy about, but the result of these unfortunate events is what sets me in awe.

Just like I saw in my own community after the April 27 tornado outbreak, I am seeing and hearing about in Texas and the areas affected: People, from all over the country, coming together to help and support and rebuild with those who lost so much. Even during and after something as terrible as the hurricane and flooding this week, we saw and are seeing the beauty in humanity doing what humanity is here for, what is the natural instinct of humanity — loving those around us and helping in any way we can. At this time I’ve heard more about people helping people — just being people — and they don’t care one bit about the other’s ethnicity, religion, gender, or social status.

People, that’s what this life is all about: Loving our neighbors as ourselves. Doing for others what we would want them to do for us.

Just loving each other. That is truly what makes the world a better place. Despite differences in lifestyle, opinions, skin color, or whatever, we just ought to love others the same as we love ourselves.

That’s what it’s all about, folks! People coming together to love and help people. And it lifts my spirits to see so much of that this week, as the result of something so hard and so terrible.

May God bless Texas and those affected by the storm. And may God bless those who loved and helped them relentlessly.


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