{Update #8} Our First Garden

Hello, friends! It’s been nearly a month since I’ve written (oops!), so obviously a lot of changes have taken place in our little garden since my last post. 

I’ll spare you all the little details and just give you a quick update on how it is currently. 

Since my last Our First Garden post, we’ve canned 28 pints of tomatoes and 6 pints of salsa. Our sour kraut is still fermenting, but we tasted it a week ago and decided to give it another week, so hopefully we’ll get that canned up tomorrow or Sunday! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more how to can food. I haven’t yet tried my pressure cooker that my grandma gave me (I have to replace the gasket), but I’m looking forward to when that day comes. I just hope I don’t blow the lid into this ceiling! Haha. 

So, this is what we’re harvesting as of late: tomatoes, beans, cilantro, fennel, okra, hot peppers, sweet peppers, bell peppers, corn, grape and cherry tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers. We still have lettuce coming up but I haven’t been as faithful about picking it as the rest of the garden. The carrots still seem to be doing fine, although I really don’t know when they’ll actually be ready. I noticed one the other day was starting to turn orange, so maybe soon. Also, the pumpkins are starting to turn orange, and the watermelons are still small but we have several coming in. We planted more beans last week, and put up a small fence around the rows to try and keep the rabbits out. We’re planning to replant some more tomatoes soon too. 

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading! Now here are some recent pictures. 



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