Productivity Tips: 5 Things That Help Me

Today I’m sharing with you five simple things that help me to get more done in a day. I am typically a morning person, so if I don’t get a lot done first thing, the rest of the day won’t be very productive either. And with a toddler, my morning routines change as she grows, so what my mornings look like now as opposed to just a few months ago are very different, and a few months from now they may be very different from now. But that doesn’t change the ways I boost my productivity, so here are five things that motivate me to git-‘r -done at the start of my day. 

(NOTE: All of these steps follow my actual #1 morning ritual. And that is coffee.) 

  1. Get dressed – I feel like I can get more done, because I feel more awake and ready, if I get dressed when I get up. Wash my face, fix my hair (even if it’s just a messy top knot), and put on fresh day clothes. Most people will also put on shoes, but for some reason I can’t do housework in shoes because I feel like they’re in my way, but to each their own, I guess. 
  2. Diffuse oils for alertness and clean smell – I love to diffuse my essential oils to get the house smelling nice and clean, or to get me alert for my chores, or both! One of my favorite blends is 5 drops of any citrus oil and 3 drops of lemongrass. It wakes me up and smells really clean, so it’s a win-win. 
  3. Make a list – I cannot make it through a day without my lists. Whether they be on paper or in my head, I always have some type of to-do list. Writing it down always helps best, so I try to write things down on paper after my coffee, so I’ll have reachable goals that day, and as I cross each chore off I feel that much more accomplished. 
  4. Listen to music – Not always, because I do enjoy my quiet, but a lot of times I love to listen to a CD or the radio while I work. It sets a happy mood, and if I sing along it makes the work easier and the time pass more quickly if it’s a chore I don’t exactly enjoy (like laundry).
  5. Set a timer – Again, this is another that I don’t do every single time, but it’s especially helpful when I’m not feeling very energetic or motivated. I’ll set it for fifteen minutes and work at doing one task, and when the timer goes off, I start the next thing in a fifteen-minute time slot. I’ve also done “power hour” and made a list of things to accomplish within one hour, and work really hard and fast, no breaks, for that long and then take a breath and see what I’ve gotten done. That’s a lot of fun to do, and a good way to just get it all over with if you’re not really into housework that day, or have a bigger thing to do the rest of the day. 

So those are my little handy-dandy housework motivators! What are some of your best productivity secrets?

Have a great day!



One thought on “Productivity Tips: 5 Things That Help Me

  1. Totally agree with the list making. And most days getting dressed also definitely helps. 🙂
    Sometimes I make lists at the end of the day, just to see what actually got done. It makes me feel so much better!
    I also make a running list at the beginning of the week and then each day jot down a few things from the list to complete. I can put it off if needed, but my rule is, by the 3rd day it MUST be done.

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