Weekly Roundup: Last Week’s Favorite Reads

It’s Monday, and I’d like to start the week off with a post linking five of my top favorite blog reads from last week. I read a lot of recipes, articles, and DIYs throughout the week, and I thought it wouldn’t be as much fun to keep all that good stuff to myself!

So, here are (in chronological order) the links to–and a few of my thoughts on–these wonderful posts from last week:

#1: Turmeric Milk (recipe!) by Cooking without Limits
I’ve known for years about the wonderful health benefits of turmeric, and I even have some in my spice rack for cooking, but I’ve NEVER used it! When I saw this recipe I was reminded of that fact, and so I would love to try this out and start drinking and cooking with turmeric on a regular basis! Plus, this drink sounds oh-so yummy, and who wouldn’t want to have something that helps them sleep better? (And mayyybe it will even help my baby sleep through the night if I drink this before I nurse her?!)

#2: Five Sanity-Saving Productivity Tips for Moms by Phylicia at Phylicia Delta
Yes to all of this! Phylicia lays it all out so plainly, encouraging moms (especially first-timers) to get a routine started for your day, so you can get more done yet not be so frazzled by the end of the day.

#3: The Hardest Thing About Being a Christian Married Girl by Kristen at GirlDefined
This is SUCH a heart-pricking article! As Kristen puts it, “When the pressure is on and you’re ‘sueezed,’ what comes out?” She encourages the single and married ladies alike to take a look at their own hearts and try their best to live out the fruits of the Spirit. It’s never too early to start being the kind of person you want to be as a wife! It’s not going to magically happen the moment you say “I do”–it’s something we all have to work on 24/7/365 if we want to get better. I encourage you all to read this great post!

#4 DIY Christmas Curtains by Hannah at Through the Lens of Hannah Diane
These Christmas curtains are so very cute, and she tells how she made them out of a festive table cloth, which saves on money, hemming, and time! I was at her house one day last week and got to see them in person, too– absolutely perfect home decor for Christmastime. Go to her blog and check them out for yourself!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts as much as I did! Have a nice day!
~Courtney Faith


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