5 Teething Must-Haves for Babies


Today we’re going to talk about that dreaded “‘T’ word.” Teething. My 9 month-old– bless her– is currently cutting her 4th tooth, and it hasn’t been fun for her or me.

BUT there are, thankfully, some things we can do to help make this rough growing stage a liiiiiittle bit easier! If you’re going through this terribleness as well, know that you’re not alone, and that there ARE some things you can do to help.

Below are five things that definitely ease the teething troubles and reduce the tears.

Amber necklace – Helps to ease the pain. I know this sounds bizarre to some people, but since I’m a crunchy momma who was raised by a crunchy momma, something like this is not hard for me to believe. Here is a quickly summed up explanation of how it works: When worn against your skin, your body heat makes the amber rocks release an oil which contains succinic acid. When that is absorbed into your skin, it works like a natural ibuprofen and blocks out pain and reduces inflammation. So, since it’s all in the rock, make sure when and if you get one of these necklaces, you get a real deal one from the Baltic region, and then see for yourself if you like it as much as the rest of us. (PLUS! This necklace is also good for colic, growing pains, sleeping troubles, and speeding up healing of cuts, scrapes, and burns.) I’m a believer in these things. I may even get me one for when I don’t feel well. 😉

Lemon essential oil – Some babies, like mine, tend to run a fever when they’re cutting teeth, and that’s no fun for anybody. To help reduce the fever, put one drop of lemon oil on baby’s spine.

Young Living “Gentle Baby” essential oil – This is full of calming oils to help relax the baby (and you!). Put this on baby’s head, feet, or back when he/she isn’t feeling well, and also diffuse it in the room.

Lavender essential oil – Rub this oil on baby’s jawline to help ease the pain in those swollen gums. I haven’t tried this yet, since my daughter is still just cutting front teeth, but a friend of mine has done this to her babies, and said it’s a tried and true remedy. I know we’ll be doing this once my daughter’s molars start coming in.

Loooots of nursing and cuddles – This is by far the best thing for a teething baby. Your breast milk is exactly what your baby needs because God designed your body to make it specially for your baby, and changes when his/her needs change too! How cool is that?! But whether you breast-feed or bottle-feed, holding your baby while he/she eats will help tremendously. Your baby just needs to feel you close, so enjoy the sweet cuddle time! (This is definitely the only fun part in the whole nasty teething business.)

And for you, momma – COFFEE. Okay, so that’s just my personal suggestion, but truly it’s the only reason I’m alive some days. The stuff’s a life saver.

I hope you’ve found this helpful! Good luck, momma. You’ve got this.

~Courtney Faith


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