My Morning Routine As a SAHM

Hello, friends!

Today I want to share with you a little bit of what a typical morning for me looks like. I think it’s good to have a comfortable rhythm to start your day off well, and while I’m definitely not the schedule-loving, everything-is-planned-ahead type of person, I do like to at least start each of my days off pretty similar to all my others.

With my husband currently working and going to school, our days don’t always look the same and they change each semester when his classes do, AND we have an almost 9 month-old, so my routine looks pretty different even from what it was just four or five months ago, when she was way more predictable and would sleep 2-3 hours in the mornings and I could get alllll the housework done in one stretch. BUT, although each day has some differences of its own (for example, one day a week we have story time at the library, and another day we go grocery shopping), I do try to keep things pretty steady here at home, at least in the mornings, as the day is getting set into motion.

So. Here’s a general glimpse of what a typical weekday morning for us looks like (as long as Miss E wasn’t up half the night with teething troubles).

1) Get up, fix coffee/breakfast/lunch for hubby.
On hubby’s work days I’m up at about 5:30, and a bit later on his school days, but this part of the day starts off the same way, no matter what time it is when I begin the morning: I get up, start the coffee maker, pop a bagel in the toaster, and then pack his lunch for the day.

2) Rest, nurse, play.
If it’s still early and baby’s not up yet, I sometimes go back to bed for a few minutes of precious shut-eye or just browse my phone (but that extra sleep normally doesn’t happen, because baby’s usually up by 6:00-6:30). Otherwise– get baby up, nurse, and talk/play with her (she is–usually–in her happiest, sweetest state at this time and I LOVE these moments with just the two of us!).

3) Coffee/breakfast for me.
This is usually the time I fix myself a nice, big, hot cup of fresh coffee and eat a small breakfast (cream cheese bagel or cereal– I’m not a huge breakfast eater), and do a bit of reading (I’m working on being more diligent in my Bible reading). Sometimes Eden will want to join me and eat whatever it is I have on my plate, but I usually fix her a bowl of applesauce or yogurt, or give her some dry cereal to munch on.

4) Play, clean, read.
Play with Eden (read books, play with toys, etc.), clean up a little around the house (usually kitchen + dishes) while she either plays on the floor next to me, eats a snack in her highchair, or watches a VeggieTales movie. I also use her quiet play/snack/movie time to read some more, if I’m not busy doing something else.

5) Make a to-do list for the day.
Maybe this should be the first thing I do each day, because that would only make sense, but, personally, I need a little time to wake up and clear my head (AKA coffee up!) before I can start thinking of what all needs to be done that day. This is usually the time I write everything down– even the things I’ve already done that morning–so I can highlight or check each chore off as I go. (This is about as far as the scheduling side of me gets, and I’m perfectly okay with that.) Typically my list looks a little something like this:

6) Nap, clean, shower.
By 10 AM Eden starts to get fussy and is ready for her morning nap, and she’ll normally sleep about an hour, sometimes more. This is the time I take to get the other cleaning done (e.g. put away laundry, sweep kitchen, pick up toys in living room, make bed, straighten bedroom, etc.) while she’s not up to get into things and I don’t have to keep a sharp eye on her. This is also the time I can take a quick shower, with the baby monitor close by. And if all that gets done before the baby wakes up, I get a little more quiet time to myself to read, drink my second cup of coffee, or work on a project.

And that’s what a typical morning looks like for me! Do you have a general routine you like to stick to, or do you prefer to stick to a schedule? What are some things you like to do in your quiet time? Do you have any tips for personal devo time and how to stick to it and stay focused?Β I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Take care!


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