How to Clean Your Coffee Pot with Essential Oils

In our house, we drink a LOT of coffee. All day every day, pretty much. Because why not?!

But since we drink it so much, our coffee pot is used regularly and so it pretty much only gets rinsed and rarely a proper washing.

I took a look at it today and figured it was time — no, PAST time — to give that poor thing a scrub down.

In the past I’ve cleaned it with ice, salt, and lemon juice– swirling it around till most of the coffee stained come off, then finish up with a light scrubbing. That works all right, I guess, but this time it still looked pretty grimy on the outside, even after lots and lots of swirling and scrubbing and rinsing! So I grabbed my lemon essential oil and dabbed a few drops directly onto the glass and rubbed the pot with some cheese cloth. It was amazing how quickly that thing began to shine! I knew lemon oil is a fantastic glass cleaner, but this was impressive.

That’s all it took, and it looks as good as new! Just give it a quick wash and then get the extra stubborn grime off with lemon oil! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Now I want some coffee but I don’t want to get my pot dirty… Hehe.

Take care!

~Courtney Faith


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