A Fresh Start

So I guess I should acknowledge the fact that I have a new blog name and site style. I have been thinking for a long time about changing the title of my blog, but never could think of a two- or three-word name with a strong ring to it and even stronger meaning. 

“He’s Still Workin’ on Me” is still a theme that will forever be true to my life’s adventures and will remain my theme in writing, but I felt it was time to shed that name from the blog and start fresh with something else. After all, when I began He’s Still Workin’ on Me, I was a teen girl still in high school and still deciding what it was God wanted me to do with my life. I had my whole future ahead of me, and there was some serious workin’ on me He still had to do. 

Since I started blogging, I have graduated high school, been in a relationship, gotten engaged and married, moved twice, and become a mother, among many other smaller but still significant life changes and growth. 

The things I write about have only slightly changed over the years but vary widely in topic, and that it the main reason for the change in name. 

Though I am now simply using my first and middle name as the title for my blog, the words’ meaning will still thread through my posts and remain true regardless– because He’s still workin’ on me. 

Thank you, reader friends, for your support and encouragement!

~Courtney Faith


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