Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter Trivia Game Day

Last weekend my husband and I hosted a trivia game day and invited several people over. I know nothing about the LOTR books, and next to nothing about anything Harry Potter related, but my husband and the people who came are really in to one or both, so it was pretty neat to get to play with them. (I played too, but only got one answer right, I believe.)

My husband and I had spent the past week or more beforehand brainstorming ideas and preparing for this party. We decided to make signs and foods that go along with the LOTR/Harry Potter themes. The girls who came also made theme-related foods, so once everyone got there with everything, it looked pretty stinkin’ cool.

The Harry Potter Theme:
One friend brought cream soda, ice cream, and butterscotch chips and made everyone some butter beer– which was delicious! I set up two goblets of jelly beans, Hubby and I made golden snitches out of chocolate balls with gold wrappers, and another friend made wands with chocolate-covered pretzel sticks. My sister-in-law also brought chocolate bars (to keep Dementors away). Hubby made a fantastic Ministry of Magic sign and hung it over the toilet (hehe).

The Lord of the Rings Theme:
Hubby had the idea of “Frodo fingers,” which were just cocktail sausages in a crock-pot. It was a gross thought, but they actually were yummy (I cooked them in grape jelly)! My SIL brought the Counsel of Elron, which were little elf cookies filled with chocolate (yum!), and I set up a plate of glazed donuts for rings, one which was frosted along the edges with chocolate Elvish writing. At the drinks table, Hubby put up a sign that read, “It comes in pints!” and for the front door I made a sign that said, “No admittance except on party business.”

And to tie the two magical worlds together, I drew a little picture next to the entrance…


A friend and I were discussing another themed party we might could have next. How does Jane Austen trivia game day sound to you?

Have you ever thrown a movie/book-themed party? What things did you use to decorate? What games did you play?


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