DIY: Homemade Feather Mobile

Good morning!

So, a few months ago when I was still pregnant with little Eden, my husband and I went to Barnes & Noble to browse around like we did quite often. When he goes in there and gets into the war history section, it’s kinda hard to get him out of there, so that day I just decided to sit on a bench and look at craft magazines while I waited, (because if I went to the Christian /historical fiction section, I’d want to buy every single book they had, and it’d then be hard to get me out of there, as well). I found so many cute projects in those magazines that I will never have enough time to do, but there were a couple of things I memorized so I could go home and make them.

Long story short… Our daughter’s now over 2 months old and I never did those projects I saw in the magazines– until last week, when I decided she needed a little more pink in her already very pink room and I “needed” another craft to keep me busy while she napped. So we went to Hobby Lobby on Friday to pick up the two supplies I didn’t already have at home, and she and I spent a looooong time in there, just ooh-ing and ahh-ing at everything. (And I’m pretty sure she fell in love at the beads isle– so much sparkle! Proud crafty-mommy moment right there, lemme tell ya.)

So anyway, enough of my rambling.– let’s see some pictures!




It was super easy to make, and only slightly time-consuming and tedious, since it involves thread and beads.

Supplies Needed:

-Embroidery thread; colored, white

-Cross-stitching hoop

-Beads; white

-Feathers; colored



-Tie two strands of embroidery thread on the hoop, quartered. This will be what it hangs from, so make it the length you desire.

-If you want, wrap colored thread around the hoop about 1-inch wide, each spaced a few inches apart, securing the end with a dab of glue. You can leave this step out, stick to only one color, or use as many colors as you prefer.

-Now the fun part. Choose the thread length you want, then tie a feather to one end so that it dangles. Now thread as many beads as you want to the thread (you can double through the bead to keep it “floating” in the middle). When you’re through with one strand, tie it to the hoop and start another one. I did 12 different length strands and spaced them evenly around the hoop.

-When you’re through, hang it up on the ceiling and let your baby admire it!



Have a nice day!


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