DIY Essential Oil Bath Salts


If you’re an essential oils guru like me, you probably have those teeny little glass bottles lying around your house everywhere. They’re oh-so cute, so once they’re empty I just hate to throw them away, especially when I KNOW there is still oil in those bottles I can’t possible get out by shaking, no matter how hard I try.

So what do you do with so many glass bottles?!

I have been saving my empty ones ever since I started using essential oils, so after about 2 years of hoarding, they’re really starting to add up.

They’re adorable to line up in a window to catch the sunlight, and even cuter with a single flower in each one, but unfortunately I do not have a kitchen window and the windows in my living room aren’t good places for little bottles. Therefore I had to find another use for these itty-bitty things.

The answer? Bath salts!


Salt soaks are wonderful to take in the tub on a regular basis, and even better when you add a few drops of your favorite oils.

Since those empty bottles are technically not empty until 100% dry, in my opinion, they can still be used SOMEHOW, and since salt is so tiny and soakable (Not a word? Whatever.), they will work perfectly for this purpose.

All you need are some salt, a glass container (because essential oils simply do not belong in plastic), and your “empty” bottles of essential oils– whatever scent(s) you have.

Fill whatever glass container you want (i.e. jar, canister, bowl with lid, salsa bottle, etc.) with salt. Take lids and dropper caps off the bottles and put them in your container. Let them seep into the salt for a while and then you’re ready to go (to the tub, that is)!


I can’t wait to use mine. It’s gonna smell heavenly!

Till next time,


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