Jumping on the Trim Healthy Mama Bandwagon

Hello, friends!

So, it feels like it’s been forEVER since I’ve done any blogging, but I intend to be better at it from now on!

But FIRST: Our sweet daughter was born on February 8th weighing 9lbs. 4oz. and is now 2 whole months old (already?!) and a sweet, chunky bundle of joy! Mommahood is even better than I imagined!




I just LOVE these pictures taken by As a Child Photography!


Okay. On to what this post’s title is about…

You’ve most likely heard of Trim Healthy Mama, or very commonly referred to as “THM.” It’s not just another one of those fab diets that work for a little while to help you lose weight and then stops working because you think, “Hey, I believe I’d like to start eating again!” No, this is a healthy-eating lifestyle, and something that you can keep doing forever and still enjoy many, many wonderfully delicous foods that you’ve always loved (just with a minor change and some rules here and there).

A lot of my friends and family are living this THM lifestyle and absolutely LOVE it! I read the book and thought it was a little too confusing for me to understand on my own and so didn’t attempt it, but recently I decided to give it another shot and figured out it’s NOT THAT HARD. I just had to make some changes on my grocery list and quit giving in to my ice cream cravings and such (which, I admit, is easier said than done).

So anyway, I’ve been encouraged by the comments from friends and family, and from strangers online who talk about how great and wonderful (and yummy!) the THM way of eating has been for them, so I’m gonna give this thing a whirl.

I have gathered up several recipes I find yummy-looking and easy (especially easy!) so I intend to share a lot of them here on the blog with you, so you can enjoy them as well! (And, by the way, there are a TON TON TON of extremely good THM smoothie/milkshake recipes that make this whole thing really fun!)

I’m by no means a pro at this yet, and I have already slipped a few times (okay, SEVERAL times), but it’s a work in progress. So if you’re just starting out, like me, let’s take these baby steps to healthy living together!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Jumping on the Trim Healthy Mama Bandwagon

  1. Congratulations on beginning your Trim Healthy journey! You won’t regret it! I love THM – I feel it is something I can do for life! PS – your daughter is adorable!!! ☺️

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