Letter to Baby

Dear Baby,

It won’t be long until we get to hold you in our arms! You’ll finally grace us with your presence which I know I don’t deserve but look forward to more than anything in this world. When you take your first breath of air, I know it will simply take mine away. I am in awe of the idea of having you as my own to love and cherish for the rest of my life, and I am so grateful for that opportunity.

I am praying for you every day. I pray that you are growing strong and healthy, and that I will be able to give you the physical needs you will have to have. I pray that God guides me in wisdom as I begin this journey of motherhood. I have much to learn, but with His always help I know I can be enough.

You are kicking more and more lately. I can tell you’re getting much bigger, because it seems as though you’re really beginning to run out of room in there! You seem to enjoy kicking into my right side and snuggling what I assume is your head or bottom into the left side by my belly button. It is the sweetest thing in this world.

I have to admit, I am going to miss having you so close 24/7. You are quickly outgrowing my womb, and someday you’ll outgrow my lap, but darling, you will never outgrow my heart. I feel as though my heart has continued to expand since I found out about you. I did not know so much love was possible, but it most assuredly IS.

It is only a little over 6 weeks until your expected arrival. Whether you come on the “due date” or not, it won’t be much longer now. I am eagerly anticipating the day of your birth, and I am beyond excited.

Keep kicking, Half-Pint! Momma loves you.


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