It’s here! Thanksgiving week is upon us! I’m so ready for all the baking, family time, and good food.

November is my favorite time of year for so many reasons: the air is crisp but usually no too cold, the trees are still radiant with Fall golds, yellows, and reds, and everyone seems more cheerful and grateful and loving. It’s just a happy time and I love it so much. 

And since it’s the season of thankfulness, I’ve made a list of just a few of the many things I am thankful for this year!

  1. My husband. 
  2. Our family. 
  3. Our little bundle of joy, Eden Lily, who will be here soon. 
  4. Jesus. 
  5. Our home. 
  6. Good friends. 
  7. Sunrises. 
  8. Bright Autumn leaves. 
  9. Scarves and boots. 
  10. Coffee and hot cocoa. 
  11. A heater in my car that works. 
  12. Thanksgiving dinners (especially chicken dressin’ and cranberry sauce).
  13. Baby kicks. 
  14. Frost on the windows that sparkles in the sunlight. 
  15. Comfy house slippers. 
  16. A wonderful church family. 
  17. Freedom. 
  18. Fuzzy blankets. 
  19. The color yellow. 
  20. Books. 
  21. Cuddling. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What are you thankful for this year?


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