Make Me Broken

Have you ever heard a song but didn’t listen to it, I mean really listen? Unfortunatley my sparatic mind wanders too quickly at times to fully understand words I am hearing, but I recently really listened to a song that gave me chills when I thought about the deep lyrics in it. 

It is a prayer I hope my heart will sing forever to eternity. 

Make me broken

So I can be healed

‘Cause I’m so calloused

And now I can’t feel

I want to run to You

With heart wide open

Make me broken


Make me empty

So I can be filled

‘Cause I’m still holding

Onto my will

And I’m completed

When You are with me

Make me empty


Make me lonely

So I can be Yours

‘Til I want no one

More than You, Lord

‘Cause in the darkness

I know You will hold me

Make me lonely


‘Til You are my one desire

‘Til You are my one true love

‘Til You are my breath, my everything

Lord, please keep making me

That is a scary, all-surrendering, strip-me-down-to-the-core prayer, and I want to have the boldness to pray it every day I still have breath in me. 

Break me down, Lord, so You can make me. 


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