DIY: Scrabble Tiles Wall Decor

Hey, everybody! So, I’ve been meaning to put this post up for quite some time now, but my lousy excuse for a brain kept forgetting. 😉 But here it is, finally. I got all crafty one week and decided to make this new set for my kitchen wall. It adds character to the room quite nicely.

My family loves to play Scrabble. We get pretty competitive, but it’s always a ton of fun, especially when somebody comes up with a new word we hadn’t heard before, and then come to find out it’s in the dicitonary!

I have seen so many Scrabble-inspired crafts on Pinterest over the past several months, and I thought it would be so neat to try at least one of them out. Recently I decided on a wall decor idea I had seen online, and went to Hobby Lobby and purchased the stuff I needed.

Burlap stuff is everywhere these days! We had tons of it for our rustic-style wedding, and any store you go to is bound to have something cute made out of it. I recently found some burlap painting/craft canvases at Hobby Lobby, and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them! Since they’re beige colored already, I wouldn’t have to paint them to make them look like wooden Scrabble tiles. I bought the 8×8-inch canvases and some cheap black acrylic paint (for some reason the same size tube and brand were cheaper in the kids’ section than it was in the “artist” section).

When I got home, I got my bag of Scrabble tiles and picked out the letters I needed to look at for subject matter: H-O-M-E. (I’m sure you could also just Google the Scrabble tile/font you need.) On a sheet of notebook paper (because the lines help a lot if you want your letters to be even on both sides), I drew out one of the letters I needed for my project. After all four letters were drawn out, I cut them and then laid them on the canvases and traced around them with a black ink pen. Once that is done, all you have to do is fill in your stenciled letters and add the correct “points” number in the bottom right corner.

11329954_895914267097804_4410233749807145463_nIt took me a few days to do this, because I would take one to work one day to work on when I found the time, and sometimes I would work on a canvas while my husband and I watched a movie. But this really is a simple and quick craft, if you work consistently at it! When I was able to finish one in one sitting, it only took a few minutes to do.

I now have “HOME” spelled out on my kitchen wall and I absolutely love it. The next project I’d like to do is make a crossword on a Scrabble board for my grandparents with all their grandchildren’s names on it (there are 20 — right now), but oh boy, would that take a while!


Have a great day!



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