What I’ve Learned About Marriage So Far

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My husband and I have been married now for just over ten months. I would say, “My, how time flies!” but then the wonderful couples who have been married for much longer than that will just think, “Yeah. Blink and you’ll be wondering where the past thirty-plus years went.”

Marriage is every bit as beautiful as I imagined, and then some. I’m so grateful that God blessed me with such a good man who loves Him more than anything, works hard to provide for us, and takes great care of me. Being a wife is not hard at all when you have such a fantastic husband.

These past ten months have taught me many valuable lessons, and have pushed me to try harder and be better and love deeper.

I’ve learned that marriage means when you have a bad day or are worried about something, you always have a friend who will listen to you and cheer you up and let you know that everything is gonna be all right.

I’ve learned that marriage means teamwork. I don’t have to do things on my own because I have a wonderful partner who’s in this with me, for life.

I’ve learned that marriage means thinking of yourself less. My time is no longer just my time; it’s our time, and I have to be ever mindful of that. If your spouse needs help with something, put your list of things-to-do-today aside for a little bit and just be there for them.

I’ve learned that marriage means putting your spouse first. After God, of course, your spouse should be the most important person in the world. Being a husband or wife is all about serving one another as God intended, not continually looking for ways I can be happy, or how I can be more comfortable.

I’ve learned that marriage means working together, not against each other. Good communication is a huge key to a happy marriage, and not arguing is another. Sure, we’re going to have disagreements now and again, but that doesn’t mean we can’t depend on each other and work things out and get over the dumb things we do or say.

I’ve learned that marriage means finding your weaknesses, but also finding your strengths. You will see them and your spouse will see them. But you can only continue to grow stronger and get better at what you’re not so good at. And hey, like I mentioned earlier, you’ve got your best friend who can help you through the tougher times, so just keep growing together!

I’ve learned that marriage means you’ll mess up. A lot. And your spouse is gonna mess up. A lot. But having the grace to forgive something hurtful said or the good sense of humor to laugh it off makes a world of difference. So what if you burned the casserole and set the smoke alarm off? It’s certainly not the end of the world, and once you’ve filled your tummies with something else, this whole disaster is gonna be funny. (And hey, it’ll make for a great story years down the road.)

I’ve learned that marriage means helping each other grow. Remember you’re both learning this whole husband and wife thing together, so be patient with one other as you get better at this whole thing.

I’ve learned that marriage means saying words of encouragement to each other. Just as much as you like to hear how much you’re appreciated or how much your spouse believes in your abilities, so do they. Tell him how grateful you are for his hard work and how much you look up to him and how much you love him. A few words of kindness go a long way.

I’ve learned that marriage sometimes means saying nothing at all. As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Your actions toward your spouse say much more than the words coming out of your mouth sometimes. If you show in your actions that you love him, your husband will know it without you even having to say it.

I’ve learned that marriage means trusting in God. Jobs or money or people may fail us at times, but God will never leave us or let us down, and trusting in Him brings husbands and wives closer together.

I’ve learned that marriage means laughing together. There’s simply nothing better than being happy with your best friend. Tickle each other, make them laugh at the silly things you do; just have fun doing life together.

I’ve learned that marriage is pretty awesome and I’m glad to be in it for the long haul with my best friend.



2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Marriage So Far

  1. Life’s a dance, you learn as you go, sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow…….very good blog. We’re still dancing after 45 years.

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