Giblet Gravy

Barney: Man, we really packed it away, didn’t we?
Andy: Yeah, boy.
Barney: (Pats tummy) Fortunately, none of mine goes to fat. All goes to muscle.
Andy: Does, huh?
Barney: It’s a mark of us Fifes. Everything we eat goes to muscle. (Pats tummy) See there?
Andy: I see.
Barney: My mother was the same way. She could eat and eat and eat …
Andy: Never went to fat …
Barney: (Nods) Know where it went?
Andy: Muscle?
Barney: (Nods) It was a mark of us Fifes …

As promised, here is the giblet gravy recipe that is perfect for chicken (or turkey) dressing!

What you’ll need:
Cream of chicken
Celery or cream of celery
Chicken (save just a little from your dressing)
Chicken broth (leftover from when you made dressing)
2 to 4 eggs
Green onions, chopped, to taste
Salt and pepper, to taste
Corn starch

Steam celery in pan with a little water to soften before adding cream of chicken and broth. (You can also substitute celery with cream of celery, but it only takes about half a can, because it is rich.) With leftover broth from the chicken when you made dressing, add 2 to 4 boiled eggs (according to amount of broth you have and gravy you nerd to make). Add chopped green onions. Thicken gravy with corn starch to desired thickness; add salt and pepper to taste. If you are short on broth after making dressing, you can just use more cream of chicken (this is what Nana usually does).

This is gravy, so the amounts of the listed ingredients you add will just depend on how much taste or thickness you desire, so don’t be nervous about no specific measurements.

Drop some pieces of chicken into gravy, and there you have it–delicious giblet gravy for you Thanksgiving feast!

Have a blessed day!


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