You Don’t Need a Thigh Gap to Be Beautiful


I am so sick of hearing about “thigh gaps.” The whole skinny craze for girls and women just disgusts me. Today’s standard, wished-for look is a flat tummy, little bitty arms, and of course… the “thigh gap.”
You wanna know what I think? If you have a thigh gap and you’re not starving yourself for it, then good. Fine. Congratulations–you have a natural little space between your legs where your thighs don’t touch. BIG DEAL. But if you don’t have that longed for, apparently-all-girls-want-it Thigh Gap, don’t kick yourself for it. It’s O.K. if you don’t have one; it is not the end of the world, and a thigh gap is NOT going to be the solution to your problems, anyway.

The world (media, magazines, Hollywood, etc.) has set this standard of so-called beauty. They make girls think they have to look flawless in order to be acceptable in society, if they want to get anything out of life. But if being beautiful means having to starve myself and exercise extensively in order to achieve the thigh gap, I don’t want to be the world’s kind of beatiful. The whole idea of wanting this thigh gap because you think it will make you beautiful because “everybody else” has it is just plain ridiculous. God made you beautiful! Yes, He wants you to take care of your body because it is His temple, but no, He does NOT want you to stress yourself over some other person’s idea of beauty, trying to make yourself into something you’re not. We should just worry about being healthy and simply taking care of our bodies, and not let the world’s idea of beauty corrupt our minds into thinking we’re not good enough because we don’t have that one thing that it says we need in order to be attractive.

You know what? You are enough. I think so, and most importantly, GOD thinks so. (HE made YOU, remember?)

I used to worry about my weight a lot. I thought I was fat. The world showed me that I didn’t have that cookie-cutter look, the look that all female celebrities are *made up* to have, that all the girls on the magazine covers are annoyingly advertised as having. And since I didn’t have the thick, sleek hair that never frizzes up on a humid day, or perfectly straight, white teeth, or weighed under 120 pounds, I thought I wasn’t beautiful enough. But I’ve learned something very important. It can be hard, but I’ve learned that we don’t have to compare ourselves to other people. We don’t need to let the world poison our view of true beauty. And we need to not focus so much on the outside, because it’s truly what’s on the inside that counts.

So, ladies, don’t feel bad if you don’t have a thigh gap, and don’t be arrogant if you do. We’re all made differently, but we are each made very special, crafted individually by the hands of a mighty Creator who loves us just the way He made us.

I am not saying we don’t need to exercise or eat healthy. We should be doing those things regularly, but not so we can look like someone else’s idea of beautiful. Simply take care of God’s handiwork, and glorify Him in all you do.

Because He thinks you are beautiful.


3 thoughts on “You Don’t Need a Thigh Gap to Be Beautiful

  1. Beautifully spoken!! Yes, I don’t think I shall ever have a thigh gap! Lol! And that is something I can totally live without! And you are right on! Being a certain size it weight isn’t worth starving yourself over. I have struggled with my weight for a number of years now and being 30 doesn’t make it easier. But God is still good! Stay beautiful girl! You dearly are!

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