The Virtuous Woman

A couple of years ago I did a verse-by-verse study of The Virtuous Woman found in Proverbs 31:10-31, but that article was erased when my old blog somehow mysteriously deleted itself, so I recently redid the study so I could post it again.

The Virtuous Woman is a wonderful example for us to follow. She is the perfect role model for women seeking to please and serve and honor the Lord and their families. These passages about her are also ideal for a description of the type of Godly woman that any man should look for in a wife.


v. 10 An excellent wife is as rare as a ruby (the rarest of all jewels), and worth far more.

v. 11 Her husband trusts her with all his heart, knowing he will receive nothing less than the best from her.

v. 12 She does only good for her husband every single day of her life.

v. 13 She works happily and diligently with her hands, wisely using her God-given talents.


v. 14 She will travel far, if need be, to attain food for her family.

v. 15 She begins preparing food for her family very early, and willingly gives to others as well.

v. 16 She thinks before she invests in something, and invests in things that are productive.


v. 17 She makes herself strong.

v. 18 She knows her gain, produce, earnings, etc. are good, and she continues her work even at night.

v. 19 She sews and is not afraid of any kind of work. She uses her talents often and very well.


v. 20 She helps those who are in need.

v. 21 She does not fear the cold winters because her family is warmly clothed.

v. 22 She is modestly and regally clothed, and dresses like royalty. (She is, after all, the daughter of the King!)

v. 23 Her husband is respected by the best people, and is apparently a very wise man, for he sits and listens/converses with the elders of the land.


v. 24 Again, she uses her talents well, and profits from it, and helps those who help themselves.

v. 25 She is emotionally and physically strong, and dignified–a true lady–and is happy and looks forward to the future with a smile on her face.

v. 26 She speaks wisely–and doesn’t babble on aimlessly–and teaches kindness, by her words and deeds.

v. 27 She does what is good for her family, and is not at all lazy. She puts her loved ones’ needs before her own.


vv. 28-29 She has earned the respect, honor, and praise of her husband and children. Her love for them has made them love her even more.

v. 30 Charm and physical beauty do not define a person, nor do they reflect what is in the heart, which is most important of all. But a woman who honors the Lord will be praised for her pure heart, which is the most beautiful trait a woman can have.

v. 31 Her good deeds–“works of her hands”–will be visible to all and she will be praised for her diligence and goodness. Her “labor is not in vain.” (1 Cor. 15:58)

Have a blessed day!

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10)


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