DIY: Handmade State Throw Pillows

When we had all that snow a couple weeks ago, I got to feeling creative. Someone had given me a bag of scrap fabrics and I looked through it and found some just big enough to make a little something, so I decided to hand stitch some throw pillows together. I’d seen a lot of really cute state pillows on Pinterest recently that looked simple enough and so I decided to try them out.

This project doesn’t require a lot of material unless you want to make a bigger pillow. I just had a small amount of fabric, so for my pattern I used a regular-sized square piece (12″ x 12″) of white scrap booking paper to draw my heart shape out on. Next, I drew the shape of the state on another sheet of paper. (I’m sure there are state templates or maps you can print out to any size, as well, if you prefer.)

After I cut out the heart and the state shapes, I pinned the state piece onto the front of my pillow piece. I secured it all in an embroidery hoop to make stitching easier. For the outline of the state I used embroidery thread, but any type of thread would work as long as it’s sturdy.


Once the state piece was fastened, I hand-stitched (with regular sewing thread) the heart shapes together, right sides facing each other, leaving a small hole (about three to four inches wide) on one side of the heart’s point. Then I turned it right-side-out again and stuffed the pillow with Poly-Fil. After stitching up the little opening with a blanket stitch, the project was complete!



I made one for Alabama and one for Tennessee (where my boyfriend lives), with tiny hearts stitched into the locations of our cities with embroidery thread. These are so easy to make, and lots of fun! They can easily be finished in just a few hours.


Have a blessed day!



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